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Here at Skin Aglow, we pride ourselves on our attention to your skin.  That is why we do European Facial Massages.

What are the basic steps of a European Facial Massage?Facial Massage

The European Facial Massage consists of 10 steps:

Superficial Cleanse: A mild cleansing to remove any excessive oils, makeup and dirt from your skin.
Skin Analysis: Finding out your skin type and checking for any impurities or skin conditions.
Deep Cleanse: Removing impurities and helping to soothing any irritations – all tailored to your skin type.
Exfoliation: Helping to gently remove any old or dead skin cells.
Mask: Tailored to you, to help moisturise, firm and brighten your skin.
Steam / Hot Towel (optional): Flushes out any remaining impurities. Opens your skins pores ready for extraction.
Massage: The most relaxing part of your treatment, helping improve your skin and it’s circulation.
Toner: Helping to shrink pores, and restore your skins pH balance and revitalise your skin.
Moisturise: Hydrating your skin for a rejuvenated look to your face.
Sunblock: Shields your skin from harmful UV rays, preventing premature ageing and enhancing the health of your skin.


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